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Question about Greek...

Hi all! I'm not new to Greek - been watching since the first ep - but I am new to the fandom and I was wondering (for fanfic writing purposes)... is there a Greek wiki? Or any other reference guide for the show that has detailed bios of the characters, major plot points, etc.? I'm especially in need of any and all info for Calvin and Heath, just all those little details that I've forgotten, like, for instance, when Heath will graduate and what his major is, etc.

I've looked all over LJ, googled, and checked this comm's tags but I haven't found anything, so I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction if something like that exists. :)
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I don't think I've ever seen one. I think ABC family might have a character bio for each, but that might be it. Do you have a specific question one of us could answer?
Oh, man, I have too many questions! I think most of them are pretty basic things that I've just forgotten, so I probably just need to do a re-watch from the beginning. But in addition to the one about when Heath will graduate (is he a senior now?) and what his major is (is it pre-med?), I have a few more, like:

- I know Heath has a sister, Heather (is she the only sibling?), but does Calvin have siblings?
- Has it ever been mentioned what Heath's and Calvin's parents do for a living?
- Do we know what city/state Heath is from? Calvin?

Those are the main ones for now. :) Oh, one more! I've also looked for a Calvin/Heath community and couldn't find one. Is there one main place that Calvin/Heath shippers post?
I think Heath graduated at the end of season 2, and was accepted to CRU's medical school last year? Making this season his second year?

I don't think Calvin has ever mentioned having siblings, but I don't think he ever explicitly said he was an only child, either. His dad was his track coach, so I would say he's probably a high school teacher/gym teacher/athletic director of some stripe? I also don't really remember anything being said about location, but maybe rewatch 1x04 (the one with his dad) to see if it was mentioned?

I don't think we've ever heard much about Heath and his family. I don't think we knew he had a sister until this season.

I don't think there's an active shipper community either. LJ doesn't really have a bustling Greek presence, sadly!
Thanks! I knew it had something to do with med school, but I couldn't remember the details.

1x04 is definitely on my rewatch list. I do remember a brief mention of Heath's sister in 'A New Normal' (when he comes out to his KT brothers, Cappie says that they were afraid he'd found out about Beaver hitting on his sister at Parent's Day and Beaver says, 'She does not look fifteen.' *oh Beaver*) I'm thinking that if she was 15 in season 1, then she'd be 18 now making her the right age to be Heather.

Oh well, the good thing, I guess, about having so few details on them is that it leaves things pretty wide open for writers to fill in the blanks. It's such a great show, I really don't understand why it doesn't have a bigger online following. :)
It's such a great show, I really don't understand why it doesn't have a bigger online following. :)

I concur entirely and hope you'll post your fic to this comm because I'd love to read it!
Will do, if I get it finished. Heath not being a senior has already complicated the beginning, lol, but I can work around that!
Actually I'm pretty sure Heath hasn't graduated. Season 2 & 3 take place during the same academic year, his junior year. He was supposed to graduate early, which would have been the end of the fall semester. So he would be graduating three semesters early. But after Wade and them get expelled he says he was too upset and failed his finals. If he had graduated it would have been during 4x01, but he was in the audience with Calvin.

I'm guessing that he's finished up his classes during the summer sessions and started med school in the fall, which would be the beginning of Season 4.

Heather was also mentioned during the greek week episode, I believe. The one where all the frats have the same cheer. I'm pretty sure that was also during season 1.
Would you, by any chance, remember which episodes the mentions of Heath's status/major take place? I've been skimming through old eps, can't find the pertinent bits, and it's driving me nuts, lol. I would give anything for a Greek wiki right now. :)
Me again - found what I was looking for. Ep 2x21, Tailgate Expectations (announcing that he's graduating early) and 3x11, I Know What You Did Last Semester (his return because of failing finals). Thanks for your input!

I thought to check TwoP and some people there seem to think that he never actually made it into med school; that after failing his finals, he came back with the intent of finishing a fourth undergrad year. It's so confusing. I'm starting to think that until/unless the show gets more specific, any version of that would be okay for fanfic.
No problem. I love trying to solve the problem that is Heath.

From what Cappie said I think that he was accepted, but who knows what happened to that when he didn't end up graduating. Maybe he just deferred his acceptance. At this point I don't know what the writers are trying to do to Heath. He's either portrayed as the guy who's super smart and wants to be a heart surgeon or a moron. And considering there's pretty much no fandom we can't even go there for some kind of potential fanon answer.