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Greek Row
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About our community:

We're a group of people looking to have fun and talk about Greek! That means picspams, viewing parties, fic challenges, icons, fic announcements, recs, you name it. The sky is the limit!

Who you are:

Well, hopefully you've watched Greek! If you haven't, you should join anyway so we can convert you!

But whether you like to write or read or just watch, you're welcome here! We have anon commenting on and ip logging off, so even if you don't have an lj you can participate (have fun with those captchas!)

Who we are:

We're Casey and Ash, your conveniently named mods. We can be reached at greekrowmod@gmail.com if you have any comments, concerns, questions or suggestions.


1. If you post something that says "please delete this if it violates the rules," we will delete it.

2. Teaser images for icons are fine but otherwise no more than one image and no embedded videos outside a cut-tag!

3. This is a comm for shippers and slashers alike; if you dislike someone's otp, please deal with it in a mature fashion.

4. Warnings are required for anything that deals with rape, dub-con, or graphic violence and all fic and art should be rated using the MPAA ratings system. If there's any additional material in your fic that you think might be triggering, we strongly encourage you to warn for that as well.

5. No OT posts. This includes introduction posts and posts promoting other communities. Other than that, if it's not about Greek, it doesn't belong here. If you really really think it does, you can try contacting us!

6. Please tag your posts appropriately.

7. When sharing fic with the comm, please link to fic posted on your own journal instead of posting directly to the comm.

8. Multiple issues may lead to banning.

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