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whoa, wait a minute

Legitimate question, upon more thought, regarding Ashleigh's very recent romantic woes.

Do you guys think Ashleigh's "Pedro" story was about Prof-- sorry, Simon, or about Rusty?

And more importantly, which do you think would piss Casey off more?

After last week's awkward as fuck lingering hug, I did NOT think I was pro-Rustash (BTW, best or worst couple name-smush ever?)... until the precious little flashback reveal, and drunk!Rusty did seem pretty into it, more than I thought he would be. I had anticipated it to be all Ashleigh. But, then again, I don't know if it was the booze or Jacob Zachar's unequivocal ~*acting skills that made me believe it could possibly (BRIEFLY) work for those two crazy kids.

Basically, this party ends in a few weeks, and I'd at least like to see everybody with their shit somewhat sorted out.

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